About The Brand Owner and CEO


Akosua Karikari is a board-certified Nurse Practitioner by profession, whose passion for her Ghanaian heritage and culture serves as the driving force behind KariAndGo. While actively engaged in the healthcare sector, she simultaneously nurtures her small business endeavor. Throughout the challenges posed by the pandemic, Akosua found solace and creativity in KariAndGo, viewing it as a personal sanctuary away from the hospital environment. Akosua is the commitment to showcasing the artistry of Ghana, with all products meticulously handcrafted in the country. Collaborating with local artisans, photographers, seamstresses, tailors, and craftsmen, Akosua endeavors to share the richness of Ghanaian traditions and culture on a global scale.  Akosua says “ I want to spread my beautiful Ghanaian traditions and culture to the world”.